Common EMFs found to alter DNA

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Genotoxic Effects Caused by Exposure to Your environment has a large impact on the expression of your genes.  It is the 3rd factor in keeping your genes healthy.  This series will address how EMFs affect your genes.

In recent years, the researchers have been working to show the results of the effects of EMFs (electromagnet fields) on human tissue. Specifically, what many researchers have found is that EMFs induced changes in gene expression.

What this basically means is that the electromagnetic fields that surround us every day are able to alter the expression of genes that increase your chances of having a disease, being overweight, or age faster.

Back in 1993, a study was published in the Journal of Cellular Biology that sounded the alarm on changing gene expression due to electromagnetic exposure. Scientists took T-lymphoblastiod cells, exposed them to magnetic fields and found that the expression of the genes changed. Specifically protein kinase C, c-fos, c-myc, and c-jun were altered.

Excerpt: “Exposure of whole animals, isolated tissues, and cells to electromagnetic fields of various characteristics has resulted in a substantial literature detailing a wide range of effects at the morphological, physiological, biochemical, and molecular levels. Key studies are discussed which indicate that exposure of several cell types to electromagnetic fields that differ in waveform, amplitude, and frequency induced general changes in gene transcription.”

The biggest argument against EMF dangers is from people that say that non-ionizing radiation (energy that does not heat up tissues) cannot penetrate nor damage the body.  But the researchers that study our genes and DNA have shown that genotoxic results were found in the DNA that were caused from EMF radiation levels that did not heat tissue.  In 2011, Blank and Goodman suggested that the DNA damage occurred possibly due to the natural structure of DNA.  DNA has a very interesting characteristic that is relatively unknown : a fractal antenna that conducts.  This means that the antenna of DNA is able to tune into the electromagnetic fields and draw it into the body.  Think of a radio dial tuning into a specific radio station.  It grabs the signal and draws it into your radio for you to listen to.  Researching fractal antenna and EMF together produces some shocking studies.

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