About Sofia

Sofia Eclat is a Dallas, Texas transplant from the cold Windy City. You can read more about her professionally here.

If you are interested in the quirky personal side of Sofia, then you have come to the right place.  She moved to Dallas and determined she never did look very good in cowboy boots and a cowboy hat but does feel she looks best in a lab coat, hiding behind a microscope.

She is an introvert through and through.  However, the born-to-be-an-entrepreneur side of her wins out so you can find her on social media.  When she was in grade school she used to cut her mom’s petunia tops and sell them door to door and even sold mosquito larva to the neighborhood kids because she felt they looked like Sea Monkeys.

As an adult, her calling has been to help people get their health right.  Being an antagonist to mainstream wellness, she has found the true fountain of youth is held within working with your genes.


Not just a pretty face, Sofia has almost 20 years of experience in natural health.

She once hiked in the scorching heat of Belize in search of a jungle medicine man (she found him), moved to a non-English speaking country sight unseen, slept on the floor in an unheated Buddhist temple in the middle of a blizzard in Chicago while in her 3rd trimester of pregnancy, went deep into the Amazon jungle to do an Ayahuasca journey (when there are no more teachers, you go to the plants), and dry fasted (no food or water) for 16 days.

She knows health inside and out and understands how simple it is to heal the body.  She has pushed to the extreme so you don’t have to – unless you want to!

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