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I’m not a doctor, you can read why here.  I do know that you don’t need to be a doctor to heal the body.  In fact, most of the people I know that have excellent cure rates are actually not doctors. Sickness occurs because our genes are negatively expressing.  Genes become faulty because  1 (or more) areas of your life is negatively impacting you: food, thought/mind, or environment.

Think of genes like light switches:  that’s how easily they turn on and off.  And that’s how easy it is to change your health.

My goal is to get as much information about how to tweak your good genes as I can into my library.  I want people to be able to seek out (and find) my information long after I am gone.  My information is timeless because it all goes back to the body.

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P.S. Keep in mind, the library is new so there will be new e-learning materials added all the time.  Make sure you are on my mailing list and check back constantly.