How Do You Handle Trauma And Your Childhood Experiences?

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PTSD geneI’m going to point out one gene (although there’s more to it than that) that will be a main indicator of how you are able to handle trauma.

People think that trauma comes from a physical injury or even a scary event, like witnessing a crime or being in combat. However, trauma can also come in the form of intense heartbreak or dealing with an illness.

When a specific gene, rs2295633, was studied, a connection was made between early childhood trauma and someone’s ability to handle stressful situation later on in life.

Many people live from their childhood experiences and it holds them back as an adult. If someone experienced a traumatic childhood, they tend to live that reality out through adulthood and have a harder time dealing with trauma.

This gene specifically deals with the recollection of traumatic events. It also increases your chance of having PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) or BPD (borderline personality disorder) if you’ve had a negative childhood, brain injury, or combat experiences.

I’ve worked with people that seem to have a form of PTSD with the normal trials of every day life.  When in reality, their rs2295633 gene was having a negative impact on them.

In my opinion, you should never judge someone else’s experiences or the effect they have had on that person because you never know what their genes are expressing.

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