How To Grow Stronger Nails

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long fingernails

I looked for years for something to teach me how to grow stronger nails.  Through much of my life I had peeling fingernails and brittle fingernails.

My nails were stronger when I would start juice feasting or take expensive supplements (that actually weren’t great for my health) but as soon as I stopped, they would begin to break and peel again.

Then I ran across something that made me sit up and take notice.

It was a simple (and CHEAP) therapy that made me think I could use this to make my nails healthy and long.  This was a folk remedy to cure nail fungus using iodine.  Some people reported having healthier nails once their fungus was gone.

Let me digress into a health spiel for a second because that’s what I do!!!!

Iodine deficiency is common in almost every person living in the USA and UK.  The degrees of this vary per person.  Iodized salt does NOT help with providing the body with iodine.  In fact, iodized salt causes many health problems.  Every person that has cancer has zero iodine found in the cells of that area.  The brain, thyroid, and breast tissue also needs a great deal of iodine.

Stick out your tongue, do you see scalloped edges along the sides, this is a sign of needing iodine.  There are many signs of the body needing iodine but I sure do see a lot of scalloped tongues around.

You will have peeling, splitting, and weak nails if your thyroid is struggling.  Your body shows you the signs long before anything will even show up on a blood test.  This is why I am so adamant about reading the body first and foremost.  Supply your body with a high quality, absorbable form of iodine and a small deficiency will be easily and quickly corrected.  If you find that your body needs more, I suggest you have a consultation with me.  You can read all you want about fixing your health, but to get the answers to your specific problems, you need some 1:1 care that is customized specifically for you.  You can book your consult here.

[Once I figured out my body needed iodine, my nail situation stopped being a situation.]

Now, Back to your nails!

No one wants to walk around with brown, iodine dyed, digging-in-the-garden-look nails.  That pretty much is against the reason I wanted longer fingernails.

I found decolorized iodine but the problem with that is they remove the color by adding ammonia or other chemicals. There were so many testimonies about people reporting stronger nails by using the decolorized iodine, that I knew iodine was the key.

Opening a bottle of decolorized iodine was like being back in the old days where my mom used ammonia to clean the floors and my cat would walk around blinking his eyes rapidly due to the horrible fumes.

I wanted stronger and healthier fingernails but I was not willing to put ammonia on my body.  Your skin, hair and nails are all porous.  This means that what you put on them, partly absorbs into your body.  Being crunchy, I wasn’t willing to tax my body with ammonia.  I knew there had to be someone out there that made something that would solve my problem.

Then I ran across a pure white iodine.  One where they didn’t any chemicals like ammonia to remove the color from iodine.  They are from the UK and they are the ONLY ones I have found that do not use chemicals to decolor their iodine.  In fact, their iodine is naturally colorless.

For under $10 you can have stronger, healthier and longer nails.  AND your body is left healthier because we all need iodine.  This is a great way to supplement with iodine and have the beauty benefits.

Just paint your nails and in a VERY short time, you will notice the amazing difference.  I know, I sound like a sales pitch or an infomercial, but it’s just that good.

My nails are in tip top shape but I keep them short because another part of my business requires I work with something very small.  Long nails don’t work well with this side of my business.

I was going to a very important event and I had acrylic nails put on.  In certain places (like Dallas) there is a standard of beauty and depending on the situation, I will adapt to that standard. Some people criticize this but the reality is that if I go to a ball, I will wear a ball gown even though my normal (and favorite) way of dressing is jeans and a tank top.  I do enjoy fitting in because I don’t have to do it all the time.  It is exciting to me, like a form or art.  I get to feel a little like I am staring in my own exciting film.

I took them off a couple of weeks later.  If you wear acrylic nails, you know how damaging the removal process can be.  My nails were thin, dry and very weak after the removal.  This wasn’t a health problem, this came from nail trauma.  I came home and applied my iodine and kept at it every day and it fixed the issue.

Within 2 weeks of removal, my nails had grown a great deal, they were super strong and the tips were solid white like healthy nails.  I no longer suffer from peeling or brittle fingernails.

As an extra bonus, I also found that I rarely have hang nails anymore.  I used to suffer from them really bad.  As I sit here and type out this post, I have the bottle of my white iodine sitting next to me.

Here is the company: Sweetwater Colloidal and a link to their website.

Update: I read that they have moved to a new website but on their new website, I couldn’t find a link for their iodine.  It is still available through ebay and on their old website for right now.  

I generally buy several bottles at a time since it is coming from the UK.  1 bottle lasts me several months.  Buy them while you can.  I do not make money or benefit in any way (except I do get to help you ????) from sending you their way.

Let me know how your nails are looking after you use the white iodine!

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