Introduction To How Electromagnetic Fields Can Cause Health Problems

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electromagnetic fieldsThere really is no refuting the dangers of thermal EMF exposure. This has been well documented. What has been in question is if non-thermal EMF harms the body. Many politicians and other people that have an interest in the tech industry have claimed that non-heating EMFs and RFs cannot cause heating in the cells of your body. An example of this is that you are sitting at your computer that is near your wifi router but do not feel any heat despite being exposed to RF radiation.

But to use this argument as the definitive answer for the safety of EMFs is dangerous. We have been conditioned as a “I have to see it to believe it” society. People will denounce dangers of EMFs purely because they cannot see noticeable redness, blistering or peeling of skin after cell phone use.

To really understand the body, our bodies function with very complex electrical interactions. Exposure to EMFs does cause your body to interact with this electromagnetic energy. The body is wonderful for protecting and compensating for invaders. Think of it like a car, when you don’t change your oil at the recommended 5,000 – 10,000 miles, over time your oil becomes dirty and thick and puts stress on other parts of your car. Exposure to EMFs on a continual basis will cause your body to compensate and in many people will eventually lead to noticeable maladies. With the rise of idiopathic and autoimmune disorders that seemingly have an untraceable cause, how can we be sure that our electrical world is not causing these disorders? While we can’t prove 100% that these disorders are caused from EMFs, we cannot disprove it either. There is study after study and research paper after research paper that shows our body does undergo a change when EMFs are near.

This is an excerpt of an article that puts some science behind the effect EMFs have on the body. The brain contains 100 billion neurons, which send electrical signals to one another instantaneously.

Most of the frequencies in the RF range, with the exception 1-30 kHz frequency of lightning, have never been in the environment before the introduction of wireless radio technology in the 1920s. This means that in the 100,000-200,000 years that humans have inhabited the Earth, the first introduction to RF EMFs was less than 100 years ago. Humans therefore have no innate mechanisms to protect them from RF EMF exposure at any level. Furthermore, the increase was sudden and drastic, not allowing time for the body to adapt to this environmental agent. Humans have coexisted with ELF EMFs (e.g. heart at 1-2 Hz and brain wave activity at 4-30 Hz) since their inception, but the introduction of electric power (50 and 60 Hz) in the early 1900s was the first time ELF EMFs were seen in the environment. The potential harm associated with using frequencies that are very similar to those used naturally is the body interpreting the outside frequencies as signals to perform bodily functions; for instance, signaling cells to divide or causing depolarization of cell membranes via cyclotron resonance.

Another reason man-made EMFs can cause adverse effects in the body is because they are modulated. Modulation involves a high-frequency signal, called the carrier wave, which has a corresponding low-frequency signal that is superimposed on the carrier wave. Natural, analog waves are continuous, sinusoidal, and “clean” in comparison to the “jagged” digital waves. It is possible that these digital waves can interact with protein receptors on the cell membrane and cause vibrations that compromise its permeability. This leads to impaired nutrient flow into the cell and less waste pushed out of the cell. Increased waste products in the cell can lead to the formation of free radicals. Intercellular communication can also be disrupted causing clusters of cells to work less effectively.

It is very irresponsible to understand the functioning of the body and report to the public that EMFs and RFs from cell phones, electronic devices, computers, microwaves, wifi, and cell towers are safe and do not impact the body. By design, our body is very electrical and will interact with other forms of energy, whether we can see these forms of energy or not and whether we are willing to admit they impact living matter. All precautions around EMFs and RFs are needed. We cannot wait for governing bodies to tell us that something is dangerous. History tells us that by the time they come out with warnings, it is usually too late.

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