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good fats, healthy fatsI received this in my email box: “For decades, experts told us to limit fat consumption levels. But today we’re learning that the type of fat that you eat is actually more important than the amount of it. And certain fats are actually essential to your health.”

This made me think about when I had a lot of confusion about fat and when I recommended high fat diets to my clients 15 years ago.

A lot has changed in 15+ years. However, I think healthy fats have remained pretty much the same in my book. I have always recommended the following good fats to eat: avocado, avocado oil (to cook with), coconut, coconut oil (not to cook with), and REAL, pure, unadulterated olive oil (not to cook with). Those are my main go-tos for fat.

Sure, there are nuts and seeds that can be a source of fat but irradiated or processed seeds and nuts aren’t healthy. Plus, there are many people that carry a genetic variant that says that nuts are not good for their body. For that reason, I rarely recommend for people to eat nuts or seeds unless we test their genes.

Healthy fats are important for your brain. When you eat unhealthy fat, your body will gobble that up and those rancid, unhealthy fats are what will be fueling your brain and body. Not good. I don’t want rancid oils being a cause of brain fog for me.

What has changed for me concerning my view on healthy fats has been the amount of good fat each person should eat. Your genes determine this amount.

Your genes will actually tell you if you need a high fat or low fat diet. It will also tell you about your protein and carb needs, along with a lot of other pretty cool nutritional information you would not know without having testing done.

When I eat according to my needs, I know that I am giving my body and brain the exact food it needs to run at optimum.

Do you want to know what your genes say about your diet? Then click here.

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