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gene dietIf you are like me, and thousands of other people, you are interested in diets for your best health. You may have personally tried them all like I have.  There is just so many very large diet movements.

People like Mark Sisson swear the Paleo Diet is the way to health. Your co-worker is on Atkins. You know 3 people that are gluten-free. You’ve been vegetarian, vegan, and keto at some point in your life. You just joined a Facebook group that is dedicated to the high Carb Low Fat (HCLF) way of life.

So what diet will give the optimum health results? Who’s right in their diet movement?

Maybe everyone is.

I used to be a hard and fast diet rules kinda girl. I still have some rules I stand by. I don’t feel our bodies were meant to eat common grains like wheat or thrive off refined sugars. I have yet to see anyone eating processed foods have the body and health you were destined to have.

That being said, eat meat, don’t eat meat. Eat fat, don’t eat fat. Eat high carb, don’t eat high carb. That’s individual and only your genes determine the best diet (way of life) for you.

Exploring my genes opened up a whole new world to me. I found that for my body I need higher protein and starch with low carbs and fats. Which was the complete opposite of the way I was eating.

I was eating high carbs and fat with very little starch and protein.

I will say this about protein, I’m not a fan of eating meat. We no longer live by the rules of prayer before hunting for food and killing an animal in a sacred way. The way that animals are farmed is not healthy for our spirit or our body. In most cases, it is cruelty.

Luckily for me, red meat, processed meat, and meat cooked at high temperatures or grilled are not compatible with my DNA.

So what do I eat if I should be high protein but cannot eat meat? Research by scientists Sean Curran and Shanshan Pang and published in Cell Metabolism outlined specific genes that allowed our bodies to adapt to different diets.

Instead of meat, I eat good protein sources such as quinoa, chia, hemp seeds, lentils, green beans, green peas, black beans, chickpeas, and artichokes.

I know that the parts of my body that may need more animal protein are adapting the plant protein as my go-to source to fill that bodily need.

Deepak Chopra, in his book Super Genes, tells a story about a woman that didn’t overeat and ate only healthy foods while working out 2 hours every day. She had a body free from fat with amazing muscle tone. No one guessed she was in her 60’s because her body looked like she was in her 30’s.

One day her hips began hurting. A couple of years later her hip pain became chronic. A trip to her doctor revealed that she would need hip replacement surgery…

Why? She was healthy by any standard… Except the standard of her genes.

While she ate whole, healthy food she wasn’t eating the food her body needed. She also wasn’t exercising according to her genes.

It doesn’t matter what our brain or reasoning think is healthy for us, it matters what our genes say we need. Anything else will wear at the body over time.

If you want to know what your genes say about the best diet and exercise for you, click here to get started.

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