Why I ???? Dreams?

Everything starts with a dream…

Whether it is better health, a thinner body, a relationship, children, or a certain income, it all starts with a dream.

We dream all the time when we are children, but when we are older we are told to stop dreaming and get “real”.  While I am pro reality, I also believe that we can weave our own dreams through this reality to create the life that we want.

I encourage people to take their health goals and dream about them.  I want you to keep your dream alive because this is what will get you through the rough spots.

Dreamers are goal setters.  Goal setters have success.

In the wellness industry, it is common to throw therapies and supplements at someone to help them feel better.  I know because I did that for years in my business.  I was good at what I did and I helped a lot of people, but there was something missing.  It wasn’t until I worked in our stem cell lab and until my daughter had a genetic disorder (that made her incompatible with life) did I know the missing element; your DNA/Genes.

Every person is different and the quicker I can help you understand those differences, the quicker you can become aligned with life.

Health is not separate from relationship and relationships are not separate from wealth.  They are all connected and influence one another.  The fastest way to get what you want is to align yourself with life through your genes.


I am here to make changes in your life.