You Dont Deserve Someone Who Comes Back, You Deserve Someone Who Never Leaves

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I used to wonder about folks after they’ve decided to come back after leaving.  In my own expereicne, I have waited for that person to return (many times) when he realized he messed up (many times).

The time that he was gone would remain unspoken and a mistery.  I knew I wouldn’t like the answer so I never asked.  He know I wouldn’t like the answer so he never volunteered it.  At the end of our relationship (for good) I learned that he felt it wasn’t dishonest if I something wasn’t spoken.  sigh.  

One day I flipped my thinking and I understood that someone never leaving is better than them leaving and coming back with remorse. 

Someone who never leaves when things get tough, or you are going through your own personal challenges or are facing your own weaknesses is pure gold. Someone who remains every day and keeps your relationship a focus is worth your love.  

Relationships are complicated because life is complicated.  I’ve taken the approach of really getting to know someone before jumping into a relationship.  This also includes my friendships.  It is so much more important and rewarding to make sure someone is compatible, has the same ethics, morals and love investment as you do.  I wish I would have learned this before I had kids. My kids struggled because I didn’t pick someone who would be good to them or always there.  

I deserve someone who will remain and never leave.

You deserve somebody who remains no matter how you showy our feelings and passionately you show your love. You deserve some body who’s unafraid of the way they are loved by you.

You deserve somebody who is not threatened by you being and becoming you. You deserve to be with someone who will allow you to be your own individual person.  You deserve someone who is not afraid of your money, your power or even your vulnerability. 

You deserve someone that is willing to see you for who you are and not what you can do for them.  You deserve someone who is kind, loving, gentle and willing to see your soul.  You deserve someone who is an inspiration to you and reminds you of your power and greatness.  

You deserve to be with someone that knows you can do just fine by yourself but they would like to be a part of your journey.  You deserve someone that is not looking to be a knight in shining armour but someone to be with you for the long haul.  You deseve someone that is comfortable in their own skin, with who they are, and understands their own greatness.  

Someone that leaves, only to come back has a lot of confusion and probably issues with intimacy and commitment.  They bring that same hurt, uncertainity and chaos into your life each time they come back, leave again and come back.

Even if you are dealing with someone who has left, instead of wishing for them to come right back, wish for someone who won’t leave you.  

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